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The third brain is a little area of the brain that functions as a relay centre for auditory, visual, and motor system info It’s in charge of the understanding of stimulation and the following communicating with the left and right hemispheres to process this advice that is perceptive.

It’s critical to awaken this so-called third brain to enhance the capacities of the human brain. The interbrain found at the heart of the cerebrum, combines and links the functions of each part of the brain.

If someone grows his interbrain, he’ll get a memory that’ll enable him never to forget whatever he’s seen or heard.


The interbrain is responsible for controlling the complete human organism including the viscera. The human consciousness that is profound commands the interbrain. You can become a super human once you learn the best way to get the interbrain. To awaken this part of the brain, it’s important by sending a particular shaking to spark a hormonal discharge.

As said in the preceding paragraph, by exciting a hormonal discharge the interbrain needs to be awakened. For this, it’s important to activate the neighbouring pineal body. The pineal body secretes two hormones: serotonin and melatonin.

The secretion of melatonin declines when it’s glowing and increases in the dark.

Serotonin can be said to be quite closely associated with the development of species and can raise the wisdom of the brain that was right. Since the third brain is accountable for communicating with the right and left hemispheres of the brain, the procedure of “activating” the third brain will bring about better communicating with the left and right hemispheres.

This means we wind up using less of our brain that we really could! The procedure of activating that is this tendency is reversed by the third brain and enables us to use our brain more efficiently, thus the development of cognitive skills.

Another interesting effect of third brain activation it allows kids to feel the visual properties of things without actually seeing them with their eyes (blindfolded).


super speed reading is the advance level of third brain activation. In Super speed reading students can read the book by flipping its pages. They don’t open the book like traditional learning to read it.

Children can read the book of 100 pages in 30 minutes time.

It helps them in their study, especially during exam time when they need to revise their whole book in the very short period of time.

There are two parts of our brain. Students can do word to word reading by their left brain. It is very ti me-consuming. It needs hours of reading to complete the book by normal left brain reading. In Super Speed Reading contents of the book are accessed by the right brain. Right brain can read in the form of images.

So it can read 100 times faster than left brain. Memory storage capacity of the left brain is very limited.

We cannot remember for a long time which is stored in the left brain. The right brain has long term memory storage capacity. So contents accessed by the right brain are automatically going to long term memory storage. We can easily recall them even after a long time.

So it is necessary for students to read by Super speed reading to remember it for long time.

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